Intelligent cyber threat detection and privacy protection system

Cyber-pi is an intelligent system for detecting cyber threats and protecting privacy

Unified Intelligent Management System

The research that will be produced within the project, is located in four areas and will be developed in respective distinct subsystems

Cyber Threat Intelligence Adaptation

Development of a mechanism for gathering intelligent cyber knowledge (IOC, RSS etc) from trustworthy sources (e.g. MISP, Hail-a-TAXII) and the extension of it with semantic properties in line with the specific characteristics of each organisation (technological environment, objective, geographical position, dependencies etc). In addition, it will distribute the adapted cybernetics to the STIX 2.0 standard.

Production of Privacy Rules

Development of a methodology for matching the business functions and the specific characteristics of an organization (technological environment, staff etc) with a SIEM supporting automated production of rules based on SIGMA language with the objective of detecting privacy breaches.

Visualization and Interfaces

Development of an intelligent system for the adaptive presentation of alarm notifications regarding privacy breaches as well as the overall status through a console (dashboard), satisfying the requirements for intelligent briefing (e.g. alert categorization) and approval by different users (user experience).

Automated Threat Management

InnoSec’s existing research will be expanded to include features for systems interoperability with the objective of reducing and deterring attacks on privacy.

Project Schedule & Deliverables

To achieve the project objectives (total duration 30 months), it is divided into six Work Modules.

Expected results

The project will result in the creation of an innovative research product aimed at solving real-life problems of small and medium-sized enterprises and organizations by capitalizing on cutting-edge research areas, which have recently attracted interest in European funding.
To provide organizations with an effective and affordable mechanism for monitoring privacy breaches and at the same time to be able to meet the relevant requirements of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
To increase the level of awareness of the organizations it supervises through the updates and alerts it will produce, significantly reducing in the medium term the data disclosure attacks due to employees.
To promote research in the utilization of cyber knowledge resources by reducing their volume by intelligently adapting them to the particular characteristics of the organization each time
To promote research and innovation through the research results produced and to contribute to the further development of protocols (TAXII 2.0) and standards (STIX 2.0)
To significantly increase the business activity of the consortium partners through the exploitation of the generated research and to enable them to increase their competitiveness and internationalization, as Cyber-pi also addresses the international market.
To enable partners to hire four young scientists who will work in cutting-edge research and technology

Dissemination and Publicity Activities

Dissemination, communication and publicity activities of the results will take place in all phases of the project life cycle ensuring that these actions will act as a diffusion mechanism as well as a structural tool for receiving the necessary feedback from stakeholders and end users. 

Updating the progress of the Project