Publication – Cyber Threat Intelligence Management Platform for Industrial Environments

On 18/12/2022 InnoSec presented at the 3rd International Conference on Software Engineering, Security and Blockchain (SESBC 2022) the paper “A Cyber Threat Intelligence Management Platform for Industrial Environments“. Developing intelligent, interoperable Cyber Threat Information (CTI) sharing technologies can help build strong defences against modern cyber threats. CTIs allow the community to share information about cybercriminals’ threats and vulnerabilities and countermeasures to defend themselves or detect malicious activity. A crucial need for success is that the data connected to cyber risks be understandable, organized, and of good quality. The receiving parties may grasp its content and utilize it effectively. This article describes an innovative cyber threat intelligence management platform (CTIMP) for industrial environments, one of the Cyber-pi project’s significant elements. The suggested architecture, in particular, uses cyber knowledge from trusted public sources and integrates it with relevant information from the organization’s supervised infrastructure in an entirely interoperable and intelligent way. When combined with an advanced visualization mechanism and user interface, the services mentioned above provide administrators with the situational awareness they require while also allowing for extended cooperation, intelligent selection of advanced coping strategies, and a set of automated self-healing rules for dealing with threats.

Acknowledgment: This research has been co‐financed by the European Regional Development Fund of the European Union and Greek national funds through the Operational Program Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, under the call RESEARCH – CREATE – INNOVATE (project code: T1EDK-01469).